About Us

TRONS WORLD INC Established April 25th 2019. An electronics store built on the TRON blockchain. Vote for Super Partner TRONWORLD & or WEARETRON on TRONSCAN or on your favorite wallet, Klever, TronLink.

Theme is from the movie TRON. The new TRON film Ares or TRON 3 release date on Disney Plus will be updated..

TRONS WORLD “Digital Frontier” “Electronics Store” Combines the theme from the movie and the digital currency TRX

TRON Foundation (Ecosystem)  is very large and includes many projects and partnerships such as BitTorrent, Wink, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Binance, Poloniex, Venus Protocol, Swipe, Klever, Apenft, Kucoin. With a large share of USDT (Tether) and other stable coins on TRON TUSD USDJ. See TRON.NETWORK

We have a great idea for an electronics business, adopting cryptocurrency.

TRON is also a Cryptocurrency TRX.

TRONS WORLD “Digital Frontier” “Electronics Store”.

Idea is to open a online electronics store that will sell Electronics for Cryptocurrency.


TRONS WORLD is in request of partnership, Canadian owned. You are welcome to join us.

Meet the large community on TRON powered by BTTC BitTorrent Chain the layer 2 scaling and cross chain solution.

If you are interested in this company idea or how to engage, please reach us at (647) 321-TRON or email tron@tronsworld.ca or on twitter @tronsworldinc.

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