At last, we have created a Venus page! Yes we are a huge fan of Venus (XVS) $XVS). Brought to us by the best, Binance.

Is Venus considered old, and outdated? Why has Venus not shinned over its competitors? There is much potential for Venus in the DEFI space, as we enter into 2.0. Never count Venus down and out as the results will burn you. Venus says it is just starting out and it is actually true. Look up its Venus!

There is a new committee and Binance will be playing a role in developing it to its max potential. Actually its funny, CZ once said. Facebook? (now Meta) meet Venus XVS. XVS is the biggest play in the playbook. I would hope that this is the the year for Venus. I would love to see XVS in the number 1 space in DEFI. Swipe SXP and Venus go hand in hand.

Venus is always gaining partnerships. Even TRON TRX is now a partner. Stop selling Venus short its ridiculous. #IStandByVenus