TRON is a alot of things. But we are going to focus on two major things & not get into science and electricity

1982 Disey TRON & TRON Legacy 2010 are two major movies produced by Disney. A leader in all types of movies. TRON is a great movie for all ages. Both compelling films and the first of its kind. Where a man goes into a computer to fend for his life in a puzzling plot of love & machine. Games & excitment along side some kick ass music by Daf Punk.

TRON ARES 2025? New upcoming movie starring Jared Leto

TRON Cryptocurrency 2018 TRX TRONICS

TRON launched in Singapore by Justin Sun & a team after gaining experience on the blockchain Ethereum. TRON is everything Ethereum is & can do but faster and cheaper.

TRON is the most popular blockchain even BTC in transactions and accounts.

See to get started.

Download klever wallet. Click TRON TRX

TRON DAO is new launched in 2022 & burns TRX daily & voting system is in place . Also a buy back and burn.

TRON continues to develop every week and will not slow down.

TRON has 0 downtown. & is truly the greatest blockchain of all.

The potential of TRON reaching $1 when the movie is released no later then late 2025 is highly possible.

Simply stack your TRON TRX with me,


We are in this together. ❤️