Steps to Crypto

This is not a Robot.


  1. Re- research TRX TRON / Watch Walt Disney Classic TRON movies
  2. Log into coinfield $TRX is available directly since Jan 2020
  3. Log into binance / binance (U.S Residents)
  4. Buy ETH (Canadian company) from coinfield to be transferred to binance / binance (U.S Residents)
  5. WITHDRAW from coinfield ($Etheruem) (Market or Limit)
  6. SEND ETH to ETH deposit address or $XRP to $XRP or $BTC to $BTC ect. $ETH is Canadian / & well supported on the TRON and Binance plat forums Apps on Google Play binance / coinfield / poloniex / and other exchanges
  7. Transfer $ETH or $XRP to $TRX TRON or your own preferred coin
  8. SUPPORT $BTT BIT TORRENT that is TRON be smart transfer to high gaining 24 hour winners, when in a constant decline overall or just a specific coin, you can rely on our Friend Tether $USDT Investopedia
  9. Be careful and patient when transferring and if you need help, seek help
  10. TRON is in Developmental and Advanced Stages working with different wallets, platforms, exchanges, and organizations such as Samsung, and Huobi
  11. CryptoCurrency is linked to Gambling Risk, Please use Caution and Avoid Gambling, Obsessive and Time Consuming Traits, If you develop a problem/unhealthy behaviour please seek help, fix, work on the problem rather then avoiding it, we love you, we care
  12. You are not alone, we can make a difference
  13. Listen to VOCM (Voice of the Common Man) – VOCM from St. John’s live on Radio Garden