What does TRON mean to the world of science today? Astronomy and astronauts come into mind. Tron drives all electronics. What about real science you know? Like using a beaker? Where is the beaker? See TRON MAINZ for example.

TRON ranks #1 in Scrabble. TRON can be used the most times in the game at 162 words. Though TRON itself cannot be used? Time to change the rules.

THE SCIENCE! TRON.SCIENCE! Getting up to speed with Teleportation and Quantum Computing & more.

Physicists give TRON filmmakers the lowdown on how to digitize a person and transport him into a computer game.

LOS ANGELES—When Steven Lisberger made the original 1982 cult film TRON, he was ineligible for an Academy Award for visual effects, because he’d used computers—and believe it or not, that was considered a form of cheating at that time.

Fast forward 28 years to the sequel, TRON: Legacy, and not only have computers become a celebrated part of its filmmaking, but the movie’s story and design address the significant advances made in the fields of quantum computing and artificial intelligence since then.

“We weren’t interested in making a movie about technology—we’d talk about the technology through the relationships between characters,” says director Joe Kosinski. “You won’t hear about gigabytes and Twitter and Google, because any technical jargon would be dated five years from now. Once you got into the world of TRON, we thought of it more as a Western with another set of rules.”

Take a deep dive into physicists, neuroscientists and roboticists for ideas on how to ground high-concept plot points and scene design in actual scientific principles.

TRON: Legacy, which picks up 20 years after TRON, chronicles a son’s (Garrett Hedlund) search for his father (Jeff Bridges), who is trapped in a computer game that continues to evolve on its own. The panelists summarized some of the topics covered during their initial meetings: what artificial intelligence might look like in human form; how humans might fit into a computerized world; genetic algorithms (computations that improve on themselves based on past performance); and quantum teleportation (instantaneously moving objects over great distances by deconstructing and reconstructing them).

“What has changed in science since the first TRON came out is the creation of quantum computing and teleportation,” Dick said. “We brought these ideas to the filmmakers. It is now conceivable that you could one day take a particle in the real world and teleport it into a quantum computer. The process for teleportation would likely involve sending the particle information into the computer, while the hydrogen and oxygen stays in the real world. The idea of emergence is also new. It says that in complex systems, or systems that behave in complex ways, behaviors emerge in ways you could not have predicted. An example of that in the film is the ISO characters [a race of self-created programs].”

Almost like a Meta-Verse you could say?

Disney announces it will be working on Metaverse project.

Science coin?

That kind of input helped guide Kosinski’s aesthetic in overt ways, such as manipulating the laws of physics (aka “heightened physics”) to further distinguish the TRON world, as well as in unexplained design subtleties, like having canisters alongside the teleportation electronics—ostensibly to contain the chemicals and gases necessary for reintegrating digitized humans into the physical world.

Would you be the same person if you were uploaded into a computer?”

Both the panel and meetings between scientists and TRON: Legacy creatives were organized by The National Academy of Sciences’ Science and Entertainment Exchange, which pairs scientists and filmmakers for more accurate depictions of scientific principles in films and television. Since forming two years ago, the organization has picked up steam as both audiences and rising filmmakers, many of whom grew up in the digital age, have become more technologically sophisticated.

“Most people don’t ever talk to or think about scientists—”But science benefits when movies are more faithful to how scientists work, and movies benefit if they take science more seriously.”

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