TRON BALL- A Power Ball Lottery powered by the cryptocurrency TRON TRX TRC20. 1 BALL to WIN!

Monthly Draw: March 1st Tuesday and the beginning on each month there after. 10 PM EST. Reserve your ticket Staring Tuesday Feb 1st

Weeky Draw: Once a week starting Friday the 11th & continues every Tuesday and Friday threw the year. 10 PM EST. Reserve as soon as Tuesday Feb 1st.

You will get an number, out of the amount of players. Participating

Set jackpot amounts abound, and technically, you can win the Powerball with just one number. It’s the special red Powerball that holds the key to that prize. … The prize amount only goes up from there. We only play with the red ball.

ODDS: Sky high! Odds are out of the amount of people playing the draw. The more people playing the higher the JACKPOT pays out. You could say out of this world.

10 DOLLAR – USDT TRC 20 – or TRC 20 TRX accepted, more numbers can be purchased at the same time with one single transaction.

FOUNDATION ADDRESS & Super Partner – TEqAjvCS4G71VYminY8tGnunTjEzKrrQDJ

Next JACKPOT is an estimated on amount of people playing. $1,000 USDT at 1/100 odds. – 63% to the winner – JACKPOT TOATAL – $630 for those odds it is a great payout and will continue to grow, as more people participate say 200 the odds of winning are 1/200 the jackpot gets bigger at $2000 USDT – Payout would result in a total amount of $1,260.

Meta-Verse Power Ball Simulator

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Support – @TRONPOWERBALL on Twitter.

Discord – @TRONS WORLD INC.#4043

Participate today.

Working on developing an application for a more easy and enjoyable experience. – DAPP & WEB 3.0


We will generate you a ticket with your numbers prior to each draw. Deadline is 1hr before the draw is finalized.

67% JACKPOT Winning Numbers

6% Sick Kids – Local Hospital – Toronto CA

6% TRONS WORLD Foundation – Various Charity’s Organization & Emergency Relief, Housing. Local Charity’s & Binance

5% Development – DAPP and Marketing

5% TRON POWER BALL – Keep things running smothly

5% PRIZE POOL – Weekley Monthly Yearly giveaways and small community contest will share a selection of NFTs TRC-20 Tokens, & enough TRX to book a trip with Travala.

5% REVOLVING VAULT – Adds for bigger jackpot bonus

Do you have the balls to play?

Its not how big your balls are, its how many balls you have.

Balls change peoples lives.

Thank you for playing. Good luck!