Bitcoin – Definition and what is bitcoin please see,

Bit & Coin ( But & Con). Trick the masses?. Hey maybe Satoshi_Nakamoto does exist and it was sent from the heavens. It has been done over and over again and it will continue. This relates to plenty of things from religion, law and politics, inventions and it is all played out to a specific and precise plan put in motion. To deviance, when you divide you loose, but who wins? Bitcoin has caused laundering and so does anything really if you want to launder you will launder. We all launder.

Who is to say who should win, well like anything else. The most strong wins. There is also good outcomes such as Ethereum ETH which then lead to others being built such as TRX which in a fact can do everything Etheruem can do and cheaper. TRON is more efficient and more wide spread and known in means of terminology . Others earlier then such as LTC Litcoin, yes DOGE coin, XRP Ripple, BNB Binance, EOS and many others have now paved the way to mass adoption and development to drive the block chain crypto universe. Now how is ADA Cardano can be sitting where it is #4 in all the market cap? NFTs and Meta-Verse to now Walmart? Walt Disney NFTs. Nike? Intel mining chip? Ebay, Amazon, Facebook META, Twitter MasterCard, Visa, Huawei and countless of others. Crypto currency is being adopted more then ever. So if you dont feel bullish about the direction where BTC Bitcoin is heading long term well we are not alike. (Which is up.) It is too big to fail. We are stilll starting phase. I see Cryptocurrency playing out all threw the next 8 years into the year 2030. If you have a 2030 mindset that would be great.

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Do you have what it takes to be a good trader? System works well. Networking it is better to be in group or circle.

We didn’t say this….”If you really knew the true facts about who created this new digital currency you would run as fast as you could and sell it.”

Bitcoin was invented to revolutionize the internet of money. It is the greatest growing asset of all time. Early bird gets the worm.

Bitcoin controls the alt coins, most of the time. There is exceptions. As Bitcoin goes up alts tend to follow, and if it can stabilize at a high price. Alt coins tend to rise within a week or two later.

When bullish go long! When bearish go short. No matter the way the market moves. There is professional traders that can make gains in either position. Margin and Futures should only be used to very experienced traders. With a high win / loose ratio.

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